Thailand’s Largest Aquarium faced specific challenges in maximising purchases and increasing the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). These challenges included client-imposed limitations on bidding for “Brand Term” exact match type keywords, as well as the existence of a long user journey on the landing page. Overcoming these hurdles required careful consideration and innovative strategies to drive effective campaign performance.

Discover magical underwater world and be among incredible sea creatures


Recognising the restrictions on bidding for certain keywords, Primal strategised to select only the top-performing keywords from past campaign data. To work around the limitations on exact match brand keywords, we opted for phrase match and broad match alternatives. Leveraging Google Analytics, we refined the best target locations for the client’s campaign. Additionally, deep analysis of the client’s past data guided the planning process, leading to the development of a campaign based on valuable insights. To streamline the user journey, our team planned to direct users to a landing page with a shorter customer journey, optimising the path to purchase.


We strategically implemented the selected top-performing keywords, optimising effectiveness in driving purchases and maximising ROAS. By utilising phrase match and broad match alternatives, we ensured the campaign's reach without relying on exact match brand keywords. Leveraging Google Analytics, Primal precisely targeted the most promising locations, enhancing the campaign's performance and impact. Through deep analysis of the client's past data, we tailored the campaign to align with key learnings, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness. Redirecting users to a landing page with a shorter customer journey streamlined the path to purchase, facilitating increased conversions and enhancing the overall campaign performance.


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