Agar Agar Powder by Telephone Brand is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart that is used to make jellies, pudding and custard. The client is the top wholesaler in this industry. From the beginning the website had only few pages and it was not optimised in the aspects of both On-page e.g. insecure content and Off-page SEO. UX/UI also needed to be optimised. Their primary objective is to enhance brand awareness, increase online visibility and leads in search landscape.

An answer to all your ideas with Telephone brand agar powder


Primal developed content marketing strategy with quality keyword research which can help the client to increase visibility from their target. Primal aims to target 0 ranking and feature snippets by providing steady blog content publishing, content that matches search intent, As well as having Onsite implementation, correcting UX/UI behaviour together high quality link-building to push the campaign to success.


Primal helps the brand to expand its marketing channel via digital channels. We planned and executed strategies for SEO optimisation to increase online awareness for the well-known heritage of the Thai agar powder brand from the offline market to the online market. To increase brand awareness, we added value through the website and content optimisation to create brand identity in the online channel and increase branded values leading to more awareness and traffic to the website.


Increase In Organic Traffic Within 6 Months After Onsite


Increase In New Users Within 6 Months After Onsite


Increase In Overall Conversions Within 6 Months After Onsite

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