SUPP Cleaning is specialised in cleaning supplies that are made from natural ingredients and chemical free. What they lacked of in the beginning is to include their USP in the website such as highlighting natural ingredients as a target keyword. On top of that, the website was not well optimised in SEO aspects including CRO aspects as well.

SUPP Cleaning Products That Care About You And The Earth


Supp Cleaning engaged Primal with objective to improve organic traffic, clicks and improve keyword rankings. Primal optimised a in-depth SEO Onsite Audit, fixed broken backlinks as well as providing high-quality of backlinks and a clean, well-organised site structure and URLs friendly fixing to increase search visibility.


Primal planned and executed an SEO campaign which aimed to maximise the traffic and keyword growth of the brand website. In this campaign, our SEO blogs, along with our technical implementation, have played an important role in attracting organic visibility to the website, thanks to the collaboration between the client’s non-dev staff and Primal's tech team.


Increase In Organic Traffic Within 6 Months After Onsite


Increase In Clicks Within 6 Months After Onsite


Increase In New Users Within 6 Months After Onsite

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