STS Thonburi, a prominent player in the market, had previously neglected their online presence. When their website was launched, it faced significant issues due to an unoptimised structure and poor overall performance. The site’s design and content did not follow SEO best practices, limiting their search engine visibility and negatively affecting user engagement. This situation required a strategic overhaul to strengthen their digital footprint and ensure they stay competitive.

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Our strategy approach included optimising the website’s structure for better SEO friendliness and employing keyword clustering techniques to enhance relevance and searchability. Moreover, the plan focused on creating content that precisely matched the intent of targeted keywords, essential for attracting and retaining the right audience. Additionally, a strong internal linking strategy was developed to ensure seamless navigation and strengthen the connections between key pages, thereby enhancing the site’s authority and user experience.


Primal supported STS Thonburi by refining their website structure to be more search engine-friendly, incorporating keyword clusters for thematic consistency and relevance. Content aligned with keyword intent was created and strategically placed across the site to better engage users. An internal linking strategy was implemented to connect key pages, improving the flow of SEO equity and user navigation. These strategic enhancements resulted in significant improvements in impressions, clicks, and overall user experience, successfully boosting STS Thonburi’s online presence.


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