Siam T.V. is a leading electronic store in the northern part of Thailand but has yet to be recognised nationally online. One of the most significant challenges is the competition with giant e-commerce websites in the market, including e-commerce platforms. Moreover, the keywords that Siam T.V. focuses on are highly competitive.

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To address the challenge of online visibility, Primal has proposed a satisfying SEO approach to help improve the website’s visibility. To achieve this, Primal created a technical SEO strategy to help the website become more visible to Google bots.


To execute the technical SEO strategy, Primal focused on eliminating issues that prevented the website from crawling and indexing of good content such as content duplication and removing unnecessary pages that didn't need to be indexed. Additionally, Primal optimised On-Page SEO to highlight the SEO and E-A-T execution.


Increase In Organic Transactions Within 6 Months


Increase In Impressions Within 6 Months


Increase In Clicks Within 6 Months

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