The Self Storage Facilities Company operated multiple secure self-storage locations across Bangkok, offering 24-hour access for rentals. Their primary objective was to increase organic conversions and enhance brand visibility. However, in a competitive market, achieving these goals posed a significant challenge that required careful consideration and strategic planning.

Protected and guaranteed access 24/7


Primal initiated a comprehensive planning phase tailored to the client’s business needs. Recognising the importance of local branches for the self-storage facilities, we devised an SEO strategy aimed at optimising each location’s visibility. This approach was designed to attract potential traffic to the website, ultimately increasing organic conversions. Additionally, Primal conducted an SEO technical audit to ensure the website’s health and performance, setting the stage for effective optimisation. Strategic blog keywords were identified to consistently drive traffic to the website, enhancing the brand’s online presence and visibility.


Primal implemented the SEO strategy, focusing on optimising the visibility of each local storage branch. By strategically incorporating location-based keywords and relevant content, we aimed to attract potential customers searching for self-storage solutions in specific areas. Simultaneously, the SEO technical audit ensured that the website maintained its optimal performance and health, contributing to its visibility in search engine results. Through the strategic deployment of identified blog keywords, the website witnessed a consistent increase in traffic, further solidifying the brand's online presence and visibility in the competitive self-storage market.


Increase Organic Goal Completion


Keywords Ranking on Google First


Increase in Organic Clicks

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