Sabuy Express initially faced significant challenges with their online presence. Their website was almost entirely unoptimised, with very little content, especially on key service pages that lacked essential information. Additionally, the navigation menu and overall site structure were poorly organised, leading to a less intuitive user experience. The blog content was outdated and sparse, further reducing the site’s ability to attract and engage visitors.

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Primal devised a strategic SEO overhaul tailored to the unique needs of Sabuy Express. The plan focused on restructuring the website to better highlight the variety of client services, ensuring the architecture was both user-friendly and optimised for search engines. A key component of this strategy was enhancing the content across the site, particularly on service pages and blogs, aligning it with targeted keywords that would resonate with both domestic and international users. Additionally, a comprehensive internal linking strategy was planned to facilitate better navigation and distribute page authority more effectively.


The execution phase involved implementing the strategies from the planning stage in detail. Primal revamped the website's structure with a new menu system and improved layout to enhance user engagement and search engine indexing. High-quality, keyword-focused content was developed and published, particularly targeting service descriptions and blog entries, to address the identified content gaps. This new content was strategically linked internally to strengthen SEO performance and enhance the user journey within the site. These improvements led to notable increases in website impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR), significantly boosting Sabuy Express’s online visibility and user engagement.


All Key Event/ Conversion Increase


Organic Users Increase


Organic Clicks Increase

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