The Premium Hair Transplant Centre, operated in a specialised field, focusing on all aspects of hair growth and providing comprehensive follicular care in Thailand. Despite their expertise, client faced distinct challenges. Their primary goals were to enhance brand awareness and increase customer engagement. In a competitive market, achieving these objectives required strategic planning and effective execution.

With great hair, comes a great smile


The primary focus was on enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement. Primal began by conducting quality keyword research, delving into specific search data related to the target audience. This research aimed to identify keywords that could increase visibility among the target audience. Additionally, Primal devised a content strategy designed to drive relevancy for high-intent search keywords. To ensure a strong technical foundation, we conducted a thorough SEO onsite audit. This planning phase laid the groundwork for achieving the Premium Hair Transplant Centre’s goals.


Primal initiated the use of carefully researched keywords, strategically incorporating them into the website's content. This optimisation aimed to increase visibility among the target audience and drive relevant traffic. Simultaneously, Primal created powerful content that resonated with high-intent search keywords, further enhancing the website's search engine performance. The technical SEO onsite audit ensured that the website was technically sound and well-prepared to meet its goals. As a result of these executed strategies, the Premium Hair Transplant Centre witnessed an improvement in brand awareness and increased customer engagement, successfully solidifying their position as a premier destination for hair transplant services in Bangkok.


Increase Goal Conversions In 6 Months


Increase in Organic Clicks In 6 Months


Increase in Organic Impressions In 6 Months

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