In 2022, Mr. Big Pillow, a leading pillow brand, encountered significant challenges. The heightened competition in the market, along with the impacts of COVID-19, particularly affected their online-to-offline operations. These challenges made it difficult for the brand to stand out and attract customers. The transition from online to offline retail was complex, and there was a need for a strategy that could provide comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and their impact on offline performance.

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To achieve their ambitious financial goals for 2023, including a 60% increase in net revenue and expansion of physical store locations, Mr. Big Pillow had to refine their approach. The plan involved improving their omni-channel strategy and optimising their limited online advertising budget. They aimed to gain a better understanding of customer behavior across both online and offline channels. This planning phase was crucial for setting specific objectives and deciding on the key performance indicators to track progress and measure success.


The execution phase saw Mr. Big Pillow leveraging synchronised data from Primal and Syndatrace, which enabled them to better understand their customers' behavior across different channels. They focused on increasing brand recall and credibility through targeted marketing campaigns aimed at driving awareness and consideration. Efforts were also made to expand their customer base, increase customer value, and enhance customer retention. This strategic execution, guided by clearly defined objectives and KPIs, was instrumental in helping Mr. Big Pillow successfully achieve their financial goals for 2023.


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)


Total Sales Revenue Growth


Offline Sales Growth

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