A Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare Brand faced several challenges with their website. Firstly, they wanted to boost their visibility on Google and rank number one for most keywords to eliminate their competitors. Secondly, the website suffered from slow speed due to the neglect and lack of optimisation in its technical aspects. Overcoming these challenges was crucial for the brand to improve its online performance.

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To address the challenges, Primal developed a strategic plan. Their focus was on establishing effective SEO strategies for the brand’s online shop to increase impressions and visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Since the website had already been in existence for some time and had existing traffic, the plan aimed to tackle the challenge of attracting more traffic. This involved identifying new keywords to target and providing SEO technical recommendations to optimise the website.


With the plan in place, Primal executed the SEO strategies for the Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare Brand. They implemented various tactics to increase traffic and product revenue for the client. This included identifying and targeting new keywords that aligned with the brand's offerings and customer preferences. Additionally, SEO technical recommendations were implemented to optimise the website's performance, improve its speed, and enhance the user experience. Through the execution of these strategies, the Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare Brand gradually experienced improvements in their online performance, as compared to the previous state of their website.


Increase In Organic Clicks Within 6 Months


Increased In New Users Within 6 Months


Target Keywords Ranked On Top 3

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