Kawtung, a fashion and lifestyle website catering to readers of all ages, faced formidable challenges within a highly competitive industry. Their competitors included major news outlets with a strong online presence on Google. The client had previously attempted SEO efforts but experienced negative performance results. Recognising the need for a dramatic improvement, they turned to Primal for assistance in growing their organic traffic.

No matter who you are, Kawtung is ready to be the lifestyle website for you


The primary objective was to devise and execute an SEO strategy that would yield substantial improvements. The plan included several key components, such as providing high-quality content, updating XML sitemaps, and optimising the robot.txt file. The keywords chosen were specific and precisely targeted to enhance the website’s visibility. Moreover, Primal implemented a content strategy that adhered to the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principles to drive exponential growth for the campaign.


Primal began by creating and delivering high-quality content that resonated with the target audience. Additionally, we updated the XML sitemaps and optimised the robot.txt file to enhance the website's technical performance and accessibility to search engines. The specific and targeted keywords were strategically integrated throughout the website, contributing to improved visibility in search results. Furthermore, all blog content followed the E-A-T strategy, establishing the website as a reputable source of information in the fashion and lifestyle niche. Through the execution of these strategies, Kawtung experienced significant growth in organic traffic, successfully navigating the competitive landscape and establishing itself as a prominent player in the industry.


Increase in Unique Users Within 6 months


Increase in Organic Clicks Within 6 Months


Increase in Impressions Within 6 Months

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