Inside Out Academy faced a significant challenge: their brand-new website had never been optimised for SEO. In a digital landscape, their objective was to increase website traffic and generate leads. However, the lack of prior optimisation meant that they were starting from scratch in a highly competitive online space.

The inner game of the great mind


Primal embarked on a strategic planning phase. The primary goal was to develop a plan that would increase website traffic and generate leads for Inside Out Academy. Primal initiated strategic keyword research, focusing on identifying essential keywords for all important service pages. These keywords were selected to draw quality traffic to the website, ensuring that the right audience was reached. Additionally, Primal recognised the potential of blog content in addressing family and parenting issues. They conducted blog keyword research to identify topics that could serve as a valuable source of quality traffic, addressing the concerns of the target audience effectively.


Primal executed a series of actions to transform Inside Out Academy's online presence. We implemented the strategic keyword research findings by integrating these important keywords into the website's service pages. This optimisation aimed to draw quality traffic to the site, increasing its visibility and relevance. Primal focused on the blog tactic, producing content that resonated with the target audience's needs and concerns. The blog keyword research ensured that the content addressed relevant topics, attracting quality traffic and establishing Inside Out Academy as a valuable resource. Through the execution of these strategies, Inside Out Academy experienced an increase in website traffic and lead generation, successfully leveraging their brand-new website to meet their objectives.


Increase Organic New Users Within 4 Months


Increase in Organic Clicks Within 4 Months


Increase in Organic Impressions within 4 Months

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