Our client, an innovative digital assets trading platform, embarked on a rebranding journey, which included revamping their website. However, this fresh digital facade initially presented SEO challenges, primarily due to the scant content on product and blog pages, which is pivotal for organic search visibility. Moreover, technical glitches hindered Google’s ability to efficiently index and rank the website’s pages, which caused a critical setback in establishing the platform’s online presence and attracting the desired audience.

Future of Finance Reimagined


Starting with comprehensive keyword research tailored to the client’s core offerings, we identified high-performing keywords capable of drawing significant traffic. A thorough website audit was also conducted, pinpointing the issues impeding SEO performance. Key to this strategy was providing a detailed technical audit to the client’s development team, focusing on rectifying tag errors and other technical issues. Our approach was designed to enhance the website’s SEO foundation, ensuring readiness for higher rankings and increased visibility.


The execution phase required close collaboration with the client's developer. We guided the rectification of identified technical issues to optimise the website for Google's indexing and ranking algorithms. The strategic keyword research was implemented, enriching the website's content with focused product descriptions and engaging blog posts tailored to attract high traffic. Through the resolution of tag errors and the optimisation of on-page elements, the website's full SEO potential was unlocked. This rounded approach significantly improved the site's organic search visibility, laying a solid foundation for our client's online growth and market penetration.


Increase in Organic Application Installations


Increase in Organic New Users


Increase in Organic Clicks

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