An AI Technology Solution Company, specialising in AI and Machine Learning technology for highly technical industries, initially faced a challenge of relying on highly technical words and terminology that had low search volume. This resulted in a lack of performance and limited visibility for their website. In order to overcome this challenge, the company aimed to boost their website’s visibility and increase B2B awareness of their services.

One stop service AI technology solution


To address the challenges, Primal developed a strategic plan. We conducted quality keyword research based on specific search data from the target audience. This research helped identify relevant keywords that would increase visibility and attract the right audience to AI Technology Solution Company’s website. Additionally, Primal created a powerful content strategy, focusing on optimising service pages and building high-quality blog content. We also devised a link-building strategy to improve the website’s authority and visibility. Furthermore, an in-depth SEO onsite audit was conducted to identify areas for improvement and ensure that the goals set by the AI Technology Solution Company were achieved.


With the plan in place, Primal executed the SEO strategy for AI Technology Solution Company. They implemented the identified keywords throughout the website's content to improve search visibility and attract targeted traffic. The content strategy was put into action, optimising service pages and creating valuable blog content that provided insights and solutions related to AI and Machine Learning in highly technical industries. The link-building strategy was also executed, acquiring high-quality backlinks to enhance the website's authority and improve search rankings. The in-depth SEO onsite audit findings were implemented to optimise the website's structure, code, and overall user experience. Through the execution of these strategies, the company successfully increased their website's visibility, gained B2B awareness, and positioned themselves as experts in AI and Machine Learning technology.


Increase In New Users Within 6 Months


Increase In Organic Traffic Within 6 Months


Of Keywords On Page 1 Within 6 Months

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