The Accredited International Hospital faced a unique set of challenges. Despite offering JCI accredited quaternary healthcare services, they sought to increase their online visibility and website traffic. Their niche target audience made it essential to find a solution that would boost the visibility of their various medical service pages and attract potential visitors.

The Finest Healthcare Destination


The primary objective was to make the website more Google Algorithm-friendly and rich in valuable content. Primal embarked on a strategy that involved generating fresh and unique blog content every month while optimising existing onsite content. This approach ensured that all content was of high quality, well-written, and directly relevant to the target audience. Moreover, Primal engaged in ongoing keyword research to expand the number of target keywords annually, opening opportunities to acquire more organic traffic from related topics. Additionally, they actively pursued the building of high-quality backlinks every month, which served to consistently strengthen the domain authority of the website. These well-thought-out strategies aimed to facilitate organic traffic growth and the expansion of organic keywords over the years.


With the plan in place, Primal executed the meticulously crafted strategy for the Accredited International Hospital. They initiated the process of optimising the website's content to align with Google's Algorithm, enhancing its search engine friendliness. Simultaneously, Primal ensured the continuous generation of fresh and unique blog content each month, maintaining the website's relevance and appeal. They diligently optimised the existing onsite content, ensuring it met high-quality standards and effectively resonated with the target audience. The team carried out regular keyword research to expand the scope of target keywords, further broadening the reach of organic traffic. Additionally, Primal actively built high-quality backlinks every month, strengthening the website's domain authority over time. These efforts culminated in consistent growth in organic traffic and an increase in organic keywords for the Accredited International Hospital, demonstrating the effectiveness of their long-term digital marketing strategy.


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