The Challenge

SpiceRoads Cycling is a premier niche cycling touring operator headquartered in Thailand. They curate extraordinary cycle adventures in over 30 countries, which allows individuals to get up close and personal with remarkable cultures, characters and landscapes in a way that no ordinary tour could.

Having operated since 1995 SpiceRoads approached Primal in 2017 looking to tackle the region's notorious low season between June to October for inbound travellers.

SpiceRoads typically experiences less online bookings over this period. With several competing brands online, there was limited opportunity.

The Approach

Primal's strategy began with competitive landscaping to understand the customer journey of SpiceRoad's main customer base from the US, UK and Australia who were engaging with the brand and finally converting. Looking at the behaviour of new and returning customers to see which channels converted would be critical in finding potential customers.

Primal identified from previous analytics that customers converted quickly after only 1 or 2 touchpoints, being search and social. Customers were in buy-mode after booking a trip in alignment with flight deals and were seeking activities to do on their travels post-booking. Thus, Primal launched integrated campaigns across Google Ads and Facebook.

A number of intelligent technological implementations enabled Primal to make the most of first-party data:

  • Utilise RLSA campaigns to improve search performance from first-party data
  • Run competitor keyword campaigns to steal share of search for brand
  • Launched display remarketing campaigns using audience list from Google Analytics
  • Used competitor/industry data from our competitors' analysis tools to find keyword gaps and targeting opportunities for search advertising
  • Implemented automated bidding technology focusing on maximising conversions
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The Results

Increase in Low Season

(Compared To The Previous Year)

Increase in Low Season

(Compared To The Previous Year)

Increase in Low Season
Conversion Rate

(Compared To The Previous Year)


We were looking for a new digital agency after our previous one closed and could not provide us with a satisfactory replacement. We were referred to Primal by an acquaintance who had good things to say about the agency. Primal is our first Bangkok-based digital agency, and we liked being able to meet with our potential agency team face-to-face.

Our customers are overseas, so the online business is a huge part of what we do. We needed a team that would help us develop campaigns that set us apart from the competition, but also be sharp enough and focused enough to respond to market changes. Travel is a very seasonal business, so being nimble and flexible is key.

Besides the main aim of acquiring new customers and sales via search campaigns, we just finished a company rebranding and wanted to maintain brand visibility with social.

Experience with Primal has been great. All of our managers have been very sharp and knowledgeable about what they do, and are always up to date with the latest changes in digital advertising.

We've seen more transactions per month with Primal than with our campaigns run by previous agencies.

Our campaigns managed by Primal are very solidly structured and based on performance, not guesswork, so we've been able to withstand seasonal fluctuations in our market better.

Primal has always been upfront with us about what they can do and what we're getting. Working with a lot of digital agencies, it's common to be over-promised results. With Primal, it's always a dialogue and a collaborative effort, so that our team works with Primal to stay on top of our campaigns, respond to changes, and get results.

I would recommend Primal to other brands/businesses!


Marketing Manager, SpiceRoads

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