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The Ultimate 12 Step International SEO Checklist
The Ultimate 12-Step International SEO Checklist

With today’s global marketplace capabilities, companies who market their products and services through their websites are facing new challenges. How do you reach customers that speak a language other than the one your website is currently using?

By using only one language to market your products and services, you risk ignoring large segments of the marketplace, which are segments your competitors may be reaching.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is simply a series of processes by which your website is more accessible regionally or internationally. Depending on the geographical area or demographic you are targeting, you can target people by the area or by language.

Most websites of international companies have language options which allow you to choose between several languages when viewing the website content. But they are only addressing viewers who have managed to find their website organically. There is still an untapped market you need to actively seek and international SEO can work wonders in opening up these lucrative markets.

As international SEO services have grown in complexity and sophistication, two distinct ways to structure your website have emerged. The first thing to do is decide on whether your company would be better off pursuing country targeting or language targeting.

How to Do International SEO

In-country targeting, also referred to as ‘geo-targeting’, you focus on the location of your business to target segments of potential viewers in your relative area. For Thailand international SEO services, you might target Thailand for your website, but also include Thai, English, Chinese, Lao, Khmer and Bahasa Malaysia as regional language options in which people could view your website content.

Google has shifted in the last decade to focus on providing local results and put a priority on locally-based businesses. However, given the right website, domain, structure, multiple language options and SEO for multilingual websites, you’ll enable potential new revenue streams which will bring in international customers from neighbouring countries to your brand.

Language targeting takes a different approach to the setup of a website. It targets viewers based on a common language rather than a physical location. A Thai beachside resort, for example, might want to target Russian and Chinese tourists rather than locals, as those have been the nationalities of the majority of their guests. Using language targeting would make the most sense for them in this case. It targets those language speakers no matter where in the world they are located.

Both language targeting and country targeting bring an entirely new set of challenges to company websites seeking to expand their markets. This is where hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Bangkok international SEO company to set up your website properly for international SEO can work wonders.

Users from different countries use various search terms to find things on the Internet. Not all keywords relate to all languages. Different syntax and language structure means that not all long-tail keywords will translate properly or even make sense to all viewers.

In other words, it’s not enough to translate your long-tail keywords word for word. You have to perform research into the exact search terms used by each and every language you are targeting. An experienced Bangkok International SEO agency can provide that much-needed research in SEO for both multilingual and multi-regional websites.

They can find the most arcane words used to describe your products and services and include them in your list of keywords. This is the key to making your website as all-inclusive as possible. You want to reach as many viewers as possible, whether you are using country targeting or language targeting as the basis for your website.

Using an incorrect search term or keyword may seem like a small thing, but it can mean you are missing out on a large segment of potential customers. It is better to trust a respected International SEO agency to do the job properly than risk losing the majority of your customers to competitors.

Hire a Respected Bangkok International SEO Agency

Conducting business effectively in the Asia-Pacific region presents its own unique set of challenges. Not only are you encountering several different languages, but you’re dealing with different cultures as well.

Cultural sensitivity plays a vital role in reaching potential customers. A single culturally insensitive message or phrase can blacklist your company from what would have been a lucrative market. By hiring an experienced Bangkok International SEO agency, you will avoid the pitfalls and faux pas that negotiating different cultural waters can sometimes inflict on a well-meaning company.

At Primal, we help companies shape their messages, target their products and services and reach viewers who will provide you with the most growth to your company. We have a full understanding of how the global Internet works and how it should be used to your advantage.

We live and work in this rich and vibrant part of the world, and we have a wealth of insight into its different languages and cultures. We apply this insight in our International SEO services, resulting in a data-driven, exacting science that still takes the human element into account.

Your website will benefit from a long-term international SEO campaign. However, it is just as important to set your website up properly from the beginning to target those regions or languages that your content is aiming to reach.

This is why deciding to base your website on country targeting or language targeting is the first step in creating an international SEO campaign. We can help you decide which option to choose.

The first task is to sit down with our international SEO marketing team. They will learn as much as they can about your particular business, and its ultimate goals. This information will then be compared to the two targeting models, explain the benefits of each in relation to your type of business and goals and help you arrive at the proper decision to launch your new international SEO website.

We work together with our clients to form a partnership in growing your business the way you want it to grow. We help you make intelligent business decisions by providing you with all the necessary information to compete successfully in a digital economy.