Mercedes-Benz Thonburi Panich Campaign

Thonburi Panich is one of the long-running authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers in Thailand, their Partner Sales & Service Centre and assembly plant has been operating in Thailand for over six decades. The objective of the campaign was to foster greater online brand presence, in-line with the robust marketing communications efforts of their rival dealerships on social media. A secondary goal was to boost conversion rates and close sales with the support of a coordinated social and media campaign. From an art direction standpoint, we wanted to maintain the well-established visual style of the global Mercedes-Benz brand but give it a local twist.

Phase 1: Timeless, Mercedes

In the early stages of the campaign, we focused on promoting brand trust as one of the dealerships unique selling points. We achieved this by concentrating on the dealership's long history and exceptional expertise. One of the marketing assets we produced in this phase was "Timeless, Mercedes", emphasising that only the best can withstand the test of time and that both Thonburi Panich and Mercedes-Benz have done this.

Ageless Mmercedes sk
Ageless Mmercedes

Phase 2: Global Branding, Local Styling

During the second phase, we focused on differentiating Thonburi Panich from other Mercedes-Benz dealers and highlighting their product offerings. However, the more unique we went, the more incoherent the Mercedes-Benz brand image became. As a result, we came up with a locally inspired creative solution — Thonburi Panich way, Mercedes-Benz style. How did we do it? We regenerated Mercedes-Benz global concepts with local characteristics in each visual asset. For example, in the S class product piece, we incorporated the "Lion King of the City Jungle" concept, which was used globally for the launch of the 2018 S-class line. While carefully maintaining the original style of the branding, we tweaked the story to give it a fresh look and make it more accessible to local audiences. Ultimately, we presented Thonburi Panich as a role-model for the Mercedes-Benz authorised dealers in Thailand.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Enticing Illustrations

In terms of overall aesthetics, we came up with a way to include more lively and engaging content throughout the campaign. We did this by developing a unique illustration style. According to our research, people on social media are more likely to engage with material that they find inspiring. We saw a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd as most of Thonburi Panich's competitor dealers were only focusing on promotion and product showcases; they didn't feature any aspirational or lifestyle content.

Ultimately, to achieve our goal of establishing Thonburi Panich as a leading authorised dealer in Thailand, we had to build brand loyalty in the wider online community. We wanted to prove that Thonburi Panich stands behind the Mercedes-Benz brand, not just a quick sale. In this way, the enticing illustration style of the content pieces played a crucial role in educating audiences about the brand and its values. Again, these creatives were developed from the global brand style, but presented in a Thonburi Panich way.

Enticing Illustrations
Enticing Illustrations
Enticing Illustrations
Enticing Illustrations

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