Mark McDowell
As an avid coffee drinker and enthusiast of all things digital, Mark is passionate about strong work ethic, raising digital standards to enhance user experiences, strengthening relationships, and driving the online economy. Overseeing a team of hard working professionals, Mark is proud of the agency atmosphere the Primal team has collectively cultivated: one of passion, dedication, and above all else, trust. Trust in Primal’s elite team, and trust in their capability to deliver.
Nick Bell
With a thirst for innovation, Nick is constantly seeking ways to push digital boundaries. A respected leader, Nick thrives working alongside a team of high performers that constantly raise the bar of possibility. This has been a driving force behind ‘the making of’ Thailand’s premier digital marketing agency, Primal. A drive that will continue to push the agency to new and exciting heights as Primal continues in the pursuit of digital innovation.
Fei Chen
Fei is an energetic, goal driven professional and an ambitious high performer. Fei is able to work under extreme work pressure, ensuring the Primal team meets objectives and delivers on deadlines. A stickler for hard graft and efficiency, Fei’s keen eye is the last piece of the Primal puzzle.