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Max your Adwords ROI

10 PPC Secrets to Max out Your ROI in 2018

When managed carefully, PPC can be a highly effective part of your digital marketing campaign. However, if not properly planned and monitored, a poor PPC campaign can burn through your budget quickly with very little to show for it at the end. Google Adwords has become more expensive in recent years as competition increases and […]

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Search Engine Marketing

Give your business some bite by choosing Primal for your company’s internet marketing services. Our agency’s specialist team boasts some of the best minds within the web marketing industry, with expertise rivalled by few. If you’re a business based in Thailand looking to capitalise on your online presence, look no further – you’ve come to […]

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Google AdWords: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is an advanced feature on Google AdWords, making it possible to have ad text copies changed dynamically based on searcher’s queries. Ways to use DKI According to Google, here are ways you can leverage DKI depending on how you want your ads to display on SERP. When you are creating ad […]

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Google AdWords: 6 Ad Extensions To Improve Your ROI Today

Google AdWords: 6 Ad Extensions To Improve Your ROI Today What Are Ad Extensions? Ad extensions are clever add-ons from Google to help your text ads stand out from the rest of the other ads displaying on the first page of Google. I mean it’s all text right? It is a no-brainer to utilise these […]

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